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BASKERVILLE Ultra muzzle


About this product

  • THE DOG CAN PANT AND DRINK: The FRIENDLY and PATENTED DESIGN of the Baskerville Ultra muzzle allows them to pant (if it’s hot or stressed) and drink. SUITABLE FOR WALKS and longer periods.
  • CUSTOM MOLDED – The Ultra Muzzle is WATER MOLDED, like a mouth guard, to fit YOUR DOG’S NOSE. Consult the placement guide to find the OPTIMAL SIZE.
  • IDEAL FOR REACTIVE DOGS: You can TRAIN and REWARD the dog if he is reactive to other dogs or new people, or in new situations such as going to the vet.
  • TOUGH AND SAFE: The Ultra muzzle, made of durable thermoplastic rubber, is SAFE AGAINST BITE. LOCKABLE NECK STRAP CLIP, HEAD BAND and NECKLACE RING extra secure.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Available in 6 sizes with PADDED STRAPS AND NO METAL PARTS ON THE DOG’S FACE. Ideal for owners looking for muzzles for SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE dogs.


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